All of our businesses work to focus on sustainability – not only through the use of local farms and purveyors, but also through extending that concept to the well-being and livelihood of our employees and by being active philanthropist leaders in our community.

Community Partners

As our name suggests, we foster a sense of community: a feeling that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We depend on those around us and they depend on us. We actively build community within our businesses, neighborhoods, philanthropic intentions and at our tables.

Donation Requests

Giving back to the community is both a commitment and a priority for all of us here at Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen. We receive many requests for donations and do our best to assist programs operating in our local community - this allows us to share in the efforts and partner, where possible, with the organizations that most need our help.

Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen uses GivingTrax to manage donation requests. Once registered, you can submit a donation request by visiting the Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen GivingTrax page. Select the option you want, then click the green “submit request” to access the applicable request form.

Submit a Donation Request

Group Dining

For almost thirty years, our goal has been to satisfy the most discriminating taste and yet remain uniquely down to earth. This is truly the Northwest style that we have helped to fashion into a distinct and vibrant Seattle dining scene. The care we take with every meal and every customer demonstrates our passion for good eating.

Group Dining