Picture of ChefsFeed Indie Week!

ChefsFeed Indie Week!

ChefsFeed Indie Week is coming to the Pacific Northwest and bringing an all star cast of 24 chefs for 3 nights of dinners at Cuoco with host chef Ron Anderson and cohost Shota Nakajima of Adana. These chefs will collaborate on 3 nights of 12 course dinners; 36 distinct dishes showcasing culinary creativity without any restrictions. You'll see them collaborate for the first time in teams plating each others dishes visible to the guests in the dining room.

Each night's tasting menu will include a journey into the mind of each chef and the creative process that went into each of their dishes. They'll talk the finer points of cuisine, collaboration, and their experiences in Seattle, many of them visiting for the first time. Each chef will mingle throughout the dining room answering questions and sharing their experience with each guest. Every night is different so feel free to join us all three nights!

All three nights' prices listed below are inclusive of a service charge (gratuity), taxes, and wine is included. It's a steal!

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