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Huli Huli for Two

From the moment we board the plane from Seattle to the Kona Kohala coast of the Big Island, my thoughts race towards my first stop for provisions in the small town of Waimea. You don't have to get too far past the town center before your nose leads you to a smoky corner of The Kamuela Liquor store parking lot. There, half hidden behind a swarm of hungry locals and vacationers, but undeniable because of its smoke plume, lies a classic Hawaiian rotisserie, loaded with spatchcooked Huli Huli chickens. A smoldering bed of charcoal sizzles with drippings from the pineapple, soy, palm sugar, garlic and ginger marinated birds, imparting its own flavors to go along with the sweet smoky char. That taste memory is the foundation of this week’s dinner box: Huli Huli for Two! Complete with shareable island appetizers including taro chips, tuna poke, and teriyaki spam musubi – plus traditional sides of white rice with our Tokyo spice rub and TanakaSan sriracha mac salad with the Huli Huli chicken. We also will include a tomato, avocado and cucumber salad with a toasted sesame oil dressing - and for dessert, our famous gluten-free OH Mochi pineapple donuts! Even if you’re just enjoying the Seattle sunshine for now, we hope the flavors in this dinner box will transport you and your taste buds to the Big Island! 

These preorders (with 24-hour notice) will be available for pickup on a day and time that you select, Wednesday through Sunday, between 2pm-8pm. Pickup will be at our SeriousTakeOut.

Event Menu

~ Huli Huli for Two ~

Huli Huli Spatchcock Chicken 

Taro Chips, Tuna Poke 

Teriyaki Spam Musubi 

Tanakasan Sriracha Mac Salad 

White Rice, Tokyo Rub 

Avocado, Cucumber and Tomato Salad, Toasted Sesame Oil 

Pineapple Mochi Donuts

~ Specialty Cocktail ~

Mango Mai Tai: Rum, Mango, Lime $20 (makes 2 cocktails)

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