Picture of National Hot Dog Day with Mr. Snappy

National Hot Dog Day with Mr. Snappy

Wednesday, July 21st is NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY!!

Mr. Snappy’s Hot Dog Road Show is pulling up to the Ballard pop up dock from 12pm-8pm to deliver some most delicious dogs for this special occasion.

Grab a classic Mr. Snappy Chili Dog in a split-top bun topped with guajillo beef chili and torched Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar. Or go wild with a Mr. TJ (a late-nite staple): a bacon wrapped hot dog topped with grilled jalapeños, chipotle mustard and pico de gallo before heading to your favorite Ballard brewery. But if that’s not your thing, we'll have boozy slushies available, plus our full lineup of cocktails, beer and wine as well as our full pizza, salad and sandwich menu. See you there!

Event Menu

~ Mr. Snappy Hot Dog Road Show ~ 

Mr. Snappy's Chili Dog: Snake River Farms Hot Dog, Guajilo Beef Chili, Cheese, Split Top Bun $11.

Mr. TJ Dog:  Bacon Wrapped Snake River Farms Hot Dog with Grilled Jalapeños Chipotle Mustard and Pico de Gallo $11.

Mr. Plain: Snake River Farms Hot Dog served with Ketchup and Mutard $8.

all served with French Fries 

Add On: 

Chocolate Chip Cookie $4.

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