Picture of Sagra di Radicchio | Chicory Week

Sagra di Radicchio | Chicory Week

Sagra di Radicchio: A Festival Celebrating Chicories in the Pacific Northwest! 

Join us for Seattle’s first Chicory Festival! Inspired by the sagre (festivals, usually honoring regional cuisine) of Italy, this week and weekend will be educational, delicious, social, and bitter in the best way. Finally, a food festival for those of us on the fringe.

What is radicchio? 

A diverse family of bitter greens in the cichorium genus, we are using the names chicory and radicchio interchangeably to describe dozens of varieties at once. Named for villages around the Veneto in which they are grown, chicories are colorful, sweet, and bitter; they lend a unique flavor to any dish, and are prepared in traditional ways around the Mediterranean.

Here in Seattle, we are lucky to be surrounded by several farms growing this beautiful crop successfully. As they gain in popularity, taking a well-deserved place at the vogue produce table, chicories are still shrouded in an air of mystery: how to grow? what varieties to choose? how to best prepare? We want to answer your questions, and couldn’t do it in one day; thus, Chicory Week was born.

October 29th-November 2nd: RESTAURANT WEEK

Visit participating restaurants for chicory-forward specials. More info coming soon!

Saturday, November 3rd: SAGRA –THE MAIN EVENT!

Join farmers, chefs, plant breeders, gardeners, Italophiles and everyone in-between for a look at some specimen radicchio, bites of chef-composed dishes featuring said specimens, and sips of vino and amari. At the Palace Ballroom in Downtown Seattle - talk, nibble, sip, shop, and enjoy a day of fringe food culture!

Sunday, November 4th:  RAD-ICCHIO PIZZA PARTY

Join us for a family-friendly Pizza Party at the London Plane! Using Plane Bread's powerful ovens, pizza masters from Seattle and Portland will be cooking different styles of pie for you to enjoy.  

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