Picture of Serious Biscuit Brunch Every Weekend

Serious Biscuit Brunch Every Weekend

Join us every Saturday and Sunday, 9am-12pm, at Serious TakeOut in Ballard for our full Serious Biscuit brunch program. We have everyone's favorite "The Zack" (fried chicken, tabasco black pepper gravy, bacon and a fried egg), plus classics like biscuit and jam - and our beloved OH MOCHI donuts! 

Event Menu

the zack: fried chicken and tabasco black pepper gravy with bacon and fried egg ($15)

fried chicken biscuit: fried chicken, tabasco black pepper gravy ($12.50)

biscuit and black pepper gravy ($5)

egg, bacon, beecher's cheddar biscuit ($10)

biscuit and jam ($5)

biscuits with jam

half dozen $28, dozen $56

mochi donuts: ask for today's flavors! ($3)

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