Picture of Taste of Iceland at Cuoco

Taste of Iceland at Cuoco

The famous festival celebrating Iceland's unique culture returns to Seattle October 11th - 14th, 2018! 

Icelandic chef Hákon Már Örvarsson will fly to Seattle to collaborate with American chef Ron Anderson to create a delicious Icelandic dinner menu at Cuoco. Together the two chefs will prepare Arctic Char, Salted Cod, Free Range Icelandic Lamb and more! No meal is complete without a tasty cocktail! Icelandic mixologist Teitur Ridderman Schiöth, along with Cuoco’s assistant manager, Nikki Koth, will concoct some unique cocktails featuring Iceland’s favorite vodka, Reyka Vodka, and the one-of-a-kind aquavit, Brennivin, to pair perfectly with your dinner.

Secure your reservation for this special four-night menu by calling Cuoco at 206-971-0710 or reserving a table online at www.cuoco-seattle.com

Thursday, October 11th  |  4:30pm - 9:00pm 

Friday, October 12th  |  4:30pm-10:00pm

Saturday, October 13th  |  4:30pm-10:00pm

Sunday, October 14th  |  4:30pm-9:00pm 

Event Menu

Icelandic Guest Chef Hákon Már Örvarsson from Essensia Reykjavík, Iceland collaborates with Chef Ron Anderson of Cuoco Seattle to offer a special Icelandic menu showcasing the best of Iceland ingredients.

~ First Course ~ 

Artic Char  | cold smoked and gently cooked filet of Icelandic artic char, salsa verde, fried capers, croutons, upland cress, cream of fresh ricotta cheese 

~ Second Course ~ 

Salted Cod "Bacalao" and Langoustine | Iceland salted cod-potato tortellini, sautéed Iceland langoustines, puree of zucchini and basil, preserved lemon, lemongrass cream sauce, tomato concasse, fresh herbs 

~ Third Course ~ 

Free Range Icelandic Lamb | seared and slowly cooked filet of free range Icelandic lamb, glazed root vegetables, celeriac puree, rosemary and juniper berry infused lamb jus reduction, dust of dried wild Icelandic herbs and blueberries 

~ Fourth Course ~ 

Skyr of the Vikings  | delicate mousse of Icelandic skyr panna cotta, strawberries, rhubarb and mint 

$80. plus optional beverage pairings 

~ Cocktails ~ 

not quite yoghurt  |  brennivin, Icelandic provisions strawberry and lingonberry skyr, milk, pomegranate, fresh lemon 

artic forest fizz  |  vodka, fresh lime, chervil, arctic thyme, reindeer moss shrub, bubbles 

jungle-waterfowl  |  brennivin aquavit, pineapple, lemon, sea salt, dansk mjod mead, blueberry infused camper, blueberries 

black gull | reyka vodka, brennivin aquavit, cucumbers, dill, pickle brine, squid ink, celery bitters, sugar, sea salt, lime 

A 20% service charge is included on each check.  The entirety of this service charge is retained by the company. Our valued service team receives competitive industry compensation on sales, access to health insurance, 401k, and continuing education for career development. We are required by law to collect tax on the service charge.  Thank you for dining with us, we appreciate it! 

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