Picture of Tom’s Favorite Cookbooks: Demo and Dinner Series ~ The Zuni Cafe Cookbook

Tom’s Favorite Cookbooks: Demo and Dinner Series ~ The Zuni Cafe Cookbook

If you know Tom, you know that he is an avid cookbook aficionado. He likes to buy them, read them, and cook from them, and considers cookbooks an important part of his culinary education. This is the third entry in Tom’s newest Cookbook Demo and Dinner series. For extra excitement and inspiration, each one of the cookbook demos in this series will be paired with a soundtrack from one of Tom’s favorite musical artists. (Read to the bottom of this post for the schedule of the remaining classes in the series.)

The Zuni Café Cookbook, a tour de force published in 2002, was written by Zuni’s chef at the time, Judy Rodgers, who tragically died just four years ago at the way-too-young age of 57.

The Zuni Café was founded in San Francisco in 1979. The restaurant, opened on a shoestring budget, became “an instant, improbable success” (in the words of the Zuni Cafe website) with a menu that, in those early days, featured foods of the American Southwest. But it wasn’t until 1987 when Judy Rodgers became chef and partner, that Zuni evolved into what it is to this day: a San Francisco institution that feels timeless- a casual yet romantic space serving delicious, seasonal, local, French and Italian-inspired food, much of it cooked in a wood burning oven.

Tom will work his way through a menu from The Zuni Café Cookbook that you will enjoy course by course. While he demos, Tom will get his groove on to the music of Carlos Santana for a real “San Francisco Summer of Love” vibe!

We’ll start you out with a Golden State Sour cocktail, which will be served with a plate of Piccolo Fritto, Zuni’s famous “mixed fry” which is always on the menu and changes seasonally. You’ll feast on a dinner that includes another Zuni signature- ricotta gnocchi, plus a spectacular mixed grill of rabbit, plus so much more!

Cocktail and wines are included in the price of the dinner.

This is a class you won’t want to miss!

Please note that this menu comes straight from the Zuni Café Cookbook, and there is no vegetarian option. If you have a question about this class or would like to be put on a wait list, contact hotstove@tomdouglas.com and include the name and date of the class with your question.

Event Menu

~ Golden State Sour Cocktail ~

crafted from Bulleit Bourbon, Grand Poppy, and Lemon

~ Piccolo Fritto ~

various combinations of Vegetables, sliced Citrus, Herb Leaves, Fish, and Seafood - breaded fried and served crispy hot 

~ Prosciutto and Melon in Sambucca ~

this is Melon season, so Tom is including a melon tasting and ripeness demo 

~ Zuni Ricotta Gnocchi ~ 

one of Zuni's signature dishes - delicate, melt in your mouth Dumplings made from fresh Ricotta, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Butter and Eggs

~ Rabbit Mixed Grill ~ 

Zuni's way of showing off everything you can do with a Rabbit, like Grilled Loin, Rabbit Sausage and Rabbit Rillettes 

~ Cheese Course in the style of Zuni ~ 

each cheese will be paired with a fruit, nut or condiment that complements it taste-wise, fragrance-wise, and texture-wise

~ Toasted Almond Panna Cotta with Peaches ~ 

a delicately flavored Italian custard flavored with almonds and drizzled with saba 

~ Beverage Pairings Included ~ 

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