Picture of Urban Family Brewing Tap Takeover

Urban Family Brewing Tap Takeover

Each month, Brave Horse Tavern will be featuring a different brewery for an informal event with several beers and snacks. Their second event is coming up on Sunday, July 8th with Urban Family Brewing (airhorns)!! If you're into sours, then you're probably familiar with Urban Family, as they have established themselves as one of the best breweries in the PNW in the craft of making delicious sour ales. If you're Urban Family fanboy/girl, then you also know that they make other styles of delicious beers too! We will be featuring a selection of these tastey suds along with some classic Brave Horse Tavern snacks. Admission gets you four drink tokens (one for each beer we’ll be pouring), plus some delicious bites from Chef Brendon.

Event Menu

The Beers!
Urban Family brand new unnamed (and first ever!!!) Pilsner

The Lady Sour - with a slightly tweaked recipe

Saison Magnolia

Hazy IPA (also brand new!)

The Food!
Coming soon...

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