Picture of Weekend Tailgate Brunch Box

Weekend Tailgate Brunch Box

We are ready for some football! Our Weekend Tailgate Brunch Box is perfect for either football lovers or simply brunch lovers.  Available for pick up either Saturday or Sunday, 9am-12pm, each box will include 4 pieces of Fried Chicken, 4 Serious Biscuits, a pint of Tabasco Black Pepper Gravy, and 4 Seahawk themed Jell-O shots ready for your team.  

We will also have some fun things on the sidelines! 

Event Menu

Weekend Tailgate Brunch Box 

Four pieces of Buttermilk Fried Chicken 

Four Serious Biscuits 

A pint of Tabasco Black Pepper Gravy 

Four Seahawk Jell-O Shots 

*also available for delivery on Door Dash

$55.00 per box 

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