Picture of Wines of Mexico Dinner

Wines of Mexico Dinner

Just in time for your post-holiday blues, we're bringing a warm taste of Baja, Mexico up to Cantina Leña on Wednesday, January 23! Be the first in Seattle to try a selection of wines from one of the hottest, up-and-coming viticulture regions in the world! 

The six-course, curated tasting menu will feature a whole spread of wines from Valle de Guadalupe, Baja, and holy guacamole, they are amazing! Each delicious wine will be paired with a special dish created by our Chefs extraordinaire, Paco Hernandez Carrillo and Dan Carlone! Patrick Neri, owner of Beso Imports, along with Solar Fortún winemaker Santiago López Viana, will be chatting with guests and talking about each wine during the tasting. 

Wait, Mexico makes wine?
Wine from Mexico is new to the US market, but wine is not new to Mexico. In fact, Mexico is the first place in the new world that grapes were planted to make wine.

Come taste and learn about these fantastic wines in our brand new party space, the Piñata Room!

Event Menu

First Course
Monte Xanic Rosé - (rose spritzer)

Second Course
Monte Xanic - Chardonnay
paired with: corn cake, roasted poblano and mushroom remoulade

Third Course
Solar fortún - Confabulario

paired with: grilled salmon with rosa de jamaica sauce

Fourth Course
Vinisterra - Domino
paired with: 
smoked brisket tacos with prickly pear salsa, pib sauce

FIfth Course
Lechuza - Amantes
paired with: 
oxtail soup with guajillo chile broth

Sixth Course
Viña de Frannes – DUZ
paired with: flan with almond and puffed rice brittle

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