Picture of Work Release 12 ~ Low Country Haute Cuisine

Work Release 12 ~ Low Country Haute Cuisine

Downtown Seattle:
Work Release is a Dinner Series by Line Cooks, Sous Chefs, Chefs de Cuisines from around town who want to cook something outside their normal house of employment.  Chef Dezi of the Carlile Room asked them: "Work in a French bistro but want to make dumplings?  Ultra-fine dining all week got you in the mood to fry chicken on the weekend?  Or are you ready to try your hand at avante garde vegetarian Sri Lankan cuisine?  Nothing is off Limits."
We invite you to come taste something unexpected from the cooks you know and love.
Without further ado The Carlile Room presents Work Release.
Join us for Round 12 as Austin Smith a cook at the Carlile Room cooks his Low Country Haute Cuisine.     

About Austin Smith ~  

Austin spent his youth on a pig dairy in North Carolina.  He worked for James Beard award winning Chef Ashley Christensen in Raleigh before making is way out west via greyhound bus.  Austin loves Taylor Swift, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus.  He is a former amateur competitive eater and current naturist. 

For questions about this event, please contact Amy at amyr@tomdouglas.com

We hope to see you at Work Release 12!

ARTWORK BY: Patrick Nguyen

Event Menu

~ Low Country Haute Cuisine ~

~ Starting Snacks ~

Fried Black Eyed Peas, Quick Pickles, Pimento Cheese, Picnic Salads, Other Finger Foods

~ paired with ~ Cheer Wine Calimocho, NC's own Soft Drink, Sparkling Rose, Pastis

~ Kill't Greens ~ 

Radicchio, Arugula, Dried Fruit, Spiced Pecans, Bacon Lardons, Warm Bacon Drippin's Vinaigrette

~ paired with ~ Buttery Chardonnay 

~ Deconstructed Jambalaya ~ 

Trinity Noodles, Crispy Rice Rolls, with Cajun Shrimp Mousse and Andouille, Spicy Tomato Broth, Pickled Veggie Topsalad 

~ paired with ~ North Carolina Lager 

~ Green Tomato "Sandwich" ~ 

Fried Green Tomatoes, Toasted Cumin Queso Fresco, Roasted Poblano, Fruit Salads

~ Peaches n' Pork ~ 

Stuffed Pork Loin, Smoked Peach Mostarda, Traditional Collard Greens, Cheesy Grit Fries, Adobo Raisin Vinaigrette 

~ paired with ~ Black Maple Hill Bourbon 

~ Blackberry Walnut Dumplings ~ 

Sweet Walnut Dumplings, Blackberry Syrup, Nocino Whipped Cream 

~ paired with ~ Dos Maderas PX Rum, Blackberry Moonshine, Pedro Ximenez Sherry 

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