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Crispy Cheong Fun Noodles with Spicey 12-Spice

a plate of food

This afternoon was bittersweet….I am home because my four-day golf junket to the Big Island of Hawaii was canceled at the last-minute due to the Omicron covid surge.  Bummer!  So, to turn my frown upside down I made lunch out of two of my favorite things.  I pan-fried to crispy Cheong fun rice noodles, made by our friends at Tsue Chong Company Seattle’s classic Chinatown.  Then I topped them with beautiful Alaska King Crab warmed in a spicy fermented black bean butter and Chinese 12-Spice.  So fragrant and delicious.  Now…What should I make next to keep from thinking about the jumping humpback whales, wave busting surfers and turtle covered black lava beaches…TBD

~ Tom Douglas